8 Week 
For You!



Your Online Personal Trainer

Our 8 Week online program is tailored completely around the individual


We listen to you. Once you complete your online questionnaire we then design a program based on whether you want to lose weight. Decrease body fat, increase muscle tone or put on size. We take into consideration whether you have access to equipment or gym, time or schedule and any injuries or issues you may have.


You can access this program on your phone, tablet or computer with our custom app so you can bring your workouts to the gym, track your progress. Your trainer reviews your progress and tweaks your training plan. Sign up and start your fitness journey today.



Step 1.

Start by letting us know that you are interested in becoming a client.
Your trainer will then consult with you on your fitness goal.


Step 2.

Your trainer builds a customized training plan built especially for your fitness goals.
You will get an email from your trainer with information on how to sign in online or your phone to access your training plan.


Step 3.

Follow your training plan and track your progress as you achieve fantastic results.
Follow your workouts with guiding videos and instructions on your phone or tablet. Track progress as you workout. See progress on a graph.


Step 4.

Ask questions. Your trainer is keeping you on track. Message your trainer questions. Your trainer reviews progress online.
Your trainer adjusts and follows your training plan.


Step 5.

After 8 weeks.
Your trainer will send you a new plan every 28 days with any necessary amendments to help achieve amazing results.





Serious about transforming your body add a customised nutrition plan

Our nutritionists create a profile based on specific information provided by the client with their aims, dietary requirements and personal taste all given equal importance. Each client’s calorific needs are calculated and the amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats are determined in the correct amounts/ratios dependent upon what the client hopes to achieve.

For example, a person wanting to lose half a stone would typically see a reduction in their calorific intake and a decrease in fat. A person wanting to increase lean muscle mass could typically see an increase in calorific intake alongside an increase in protein consumption. You will get all the necessary nutrients essential for a healthy lifestyle and the overwhelming majority of foods within your plan are natural, unprocessed, unrefined and fresh.

Each person’s plan is created with them in mind. If you don’t like mushrooms, you won’t see them in your plan. By the same token, if you simply cannot live without a certain food or dish it can be included. If you want to work on toning your stomach or increase the size of your arms, then we address these goals.




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