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EVO Football is a full consultation service providing support and expertise in the development of footballers, coaches and clubs from junior level through to professional. We live and breathe all things football related and our bespoke training regimes are helping to develop the talent of tomorrow.

EVO Football offer a number of professional services, we work in partnership with some unique organisations, including unique technical services have that have demonstrated results at the very highest level of the game.

Our staff includes licensed football intermediaries(agents), Consultants, FA Qualified Coaches, Ex pro Footballers, Personal Trainers, Psychologists, Lawyers.

As well as helping players and clubs with recruitment we have training programmes which have helped professional players develop their skills to the highest level of the game, we specialise in specific technical training such as ball striking, free-kick training, creating topspin.

We work with pro and semi pro players at our base in Merseyside helping players developing their cognitive capacity while performing, this helping players make quicker decisions on the pitch. 
Reaction and speed training using specialist testing equipment such as fitLight.

EVO football is part of a group of companies another being ESE (EVO Sports Education), together with EVO football and ESE we operate a number of private football academies. 
We also consult football clubs and organisations worldwide in developing academies and development squads at minimum costs. 

We also work close with clubs arranging training camps overseas, further skilling staff, CPD workshop days in technical areas of football development.