Football Agents

Football agents are very much part and parcel of today’s game and although they sometimes get a bad press, there’s no denying that agents can have a very positive effect on a football player’s career and finances. At Evo Football we understand the importance of building a strong relationship between player and agent. We make it our goal to provide experienced football agents that have the required skills to manage the affairs of a professional footballer. Representation from Evo Football agency ensures that players achieve their maximum earning potential with guidance and advice on furthering their career in professional football.

Do you need a football agent?

If you are footballer and believe you can benefit from being represented by one of our football agents, please get in touch, we work with professional players and clubs worldwide if you are bases in Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Stoke, London, Scotland, Wales we also have Licensed agents OVERSEAS in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Holland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Greece, Cyprus, Africa, China, India, Russia, Qatar, Dubai, USA.

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