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We are currently working close with our partners compiling suitable candidates for a huge amount of requests. We receive so many emails of CVs and unsuitable CVs every day and we know that it can be difficult to get clubs to take notice as well as it being a slow and time consuming process, we specialise in the recruitment sector and understand the importance of making things as simple as possible to catch the attention of professional football clubs, so we now have this fast service in place.  With this trusted template when complete correctly with as much information as possible this will give recruitment staff all the required information needed with easy reading and easy viewing of player footage direct from your personal page.

Each player will be given their own Evo web link which can easily be text or emailed to club contacts and the profile can be viewed easily online.

We constantly work around the clock updating our huge network, sending out press releases and web links daily.  We also have our own scouting system which will and will monitor profile pages for suitable candidates for requests.

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