Evo Football Technical Academy

(Age 16-23, Merseyside/Cheshire)


Evo Football International Academy

Liverpool – England



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We have a number of opportunities for players from age 16-23.  

The model of each individuals programme may differ depending on circumstances and what exactly the player/student is looking to achieve.  Our U23 Full-time development programmes work in partnership with a number of football clubs from English football league to non-league and Welsh league.

Players who are successful will be selected and signed by one of these partner clubs, we have a number of opportunities for education along side the players football training, those being through a full-time education programme, apprenticeship and also through our fantastic new university degree programme.  

These courses are tailored for players looking to continue full-time development at a very high level while studying, many aspects are included such as playing, coaching, analysis, football science, exercise and fitness, media, marketing and much more.  There are many opportunities in the football world and for players who are motivated by football this is a fantastic way of channelling their ambitions and providing them with motivation to learn and gain qualifications to support their career opportunities while continuing development in football.

Evo football is a worldwide brand in the football industry and works with players, clubs and projects at all levels.  The concept behind Evo football is to adapt to the changes and developments in the football world and to the people connected to it. With our extensive knowledge and excellent coaching services, we offer high quality structured technical coaching programmes where students/players will be coached at a very high professional level.

Evo Football International Academy

Our international academies are aimed more at 18-23 year old’s and specific for players who are really looking to establish themselves in other countries, we have partner clubs and bases creating opportunities for our players to get spotted outside England, we play regular games and our games will be filmed and streamed to our partners in other locations.  It is getting more and more difficult for young players to make a career in England and with the physical demands, a lot of players fall short physically but are technically good enough, this is frustrating for us all but it doesn’t end there, we have a proven track record of helping players establish themselves abroad in Spain, Holland, Scandinavia, Belgium, Eastern Europe, USA, Asia and more.  For more information on the International Academy opportunities please contact us immediately as we are recruiting now.


When recruiting candidates for our unique programme we will be looking at student’s/player’s playing ability, for players who may not be at the elite level or do not solely want to concentrate on football we have a general sports programme also available. We believe that as well as this being an education programme, with the network we have available to us, we can assist players who have the required ability, to push on and earn a wage from football at some level.


We will not fill players with false expectations but will always encourage them to stay positive and achieve their full potential.  We work closely with footballers at all levels and have a great awareness of what it takes to play at the higher levels.  If we do think certain players have the chance of making a career playing football or making extra income playing part time football, we will assess this and offer players professional advice and support.  We will also encourage lads to focus on alternative careers and continue any further education, qualifications and gain work experience in other fields that maybe of interest if a career in football doesn’t work out.


The following options for education are available –

NVQ Level 2 Leadership and Sports coaching (Please note our programme for 16-18 year olds, we also have a pre apprenticeship model).

NVQ Level 2 Exercise and Fitness, NVQ Level 3 (personal training).

For players/students who have other interests outside sport/football who may wish to study something else we also have other subjects available such as IT, business, Media, Art, Music and many more.



Students from age 18 plus who wish to study towards degree level education have the option to take a university degree course alongside the technical football development programme.

Degree BSC (Hons) – Coaching for performance in football.

This degree offers those looking to enhance their own managerial skills a unique and pioneering programme, which is designed to improve performance and success in football teams.

Delivered around the working patterns of sports professionals, this course will:

  • Develop your  theoretical knowledge and understanding that underpin football coaching courses such as the Coaching Certificates and UEFA Licences

  • Enhance your knowledge of how to operate ethically and safely as a coach

  • Provide you with the opportunity to work independently and reinforce your learning in “real-life” coaching situations

  • Enable you to develop a range of transferable skills and competences relevant to careers in coaching, sports development and other graduate employment situations

  • Allow you to learn in an innovative, supportive and challenging learning environment with other players and coaches who are contracted to football clubs in the English Premiership; Football League, WSL and Football Conference.

FA LEVEL 1 coaching qualification

FA LEVEL 2 coaching qualification

We will also be working with Prozone teaching students how to use player and match analysis.


Technical development

The game is getting faster, more teams try to dominate possession and exchange short passes.  This places an ever greater demand on the decision making of players – it needs to be fast and accurate.  At Evo football Academy we address this critical aspect of performance through a specific training programme aimed at developing vision.  In order to make the right decisions and pick the right options players need to know what the options are and improving awareness and game sense is a key technical priority of our programme.

Another area we address with specific technical coaching is ball striking.  We want our players to be competent at a range of strikes – free kicks, laces, long balls and have the ability to use their non-dominant foot, these techniques we deliver are very rare even at the highest level of the game, we have proven results of training players to be able to perform rare striking techniques at the highest level of the game.

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Head of technical development

Bartek Swlywestrzak – 

Fitness, speed, strength and conditioning

All our players will follow professional speed, strength and conditioning programmes  tailored by Ex Manchester Utd coach Mick Clegg using specialist fitLight equipment, our staff have undergone the SeedofSpeed workshop and fitLight training directly from Mick.



  • Full time employment/apprenticeship in football/sport

  • University degree in sport

  • USA Scholarship

  • Part-time football playing employment – UK/Abroad

  • Full-time football playing employment – UK/Abroad


At Evo football we have worked with many professional players and ex players, these players are completely aware of our knowledge and support in the industry.  Many local professional players are backing the Evo football scholarship programme and will be assisting our students with advice.

“Evo football has assisted me with furthering my career in the pro game and technical consultation has helped me really develop in a specialist area. For me the Evo Football Scholarship is a massive opportunity to develop your ability as a footballer and work on your game on an every day basis with some of the top coaches. This could lead to all sorts of opportunities in the game, whether that’s actually playing, coaching or the sports science side of things. 

Ryan Williams – Brentford FC


“I was playing at Liverpool FC Academy for 8 years and a 5 year professional at Wigan Athletic, featuring in premier league squads and the FA cup winning squad, in 2014 after being released from Wigan and finding myself without a club for 6 months I trained at the Evo football Academy regular while being presented trial opportunities from them at a number of football league clubs, after advise from Evo football we made a choice to try focus on a move abroad when the next window opened and Evo football prepared me and presented me with a trial opportunity in Belgium, I am now playing regular 90 minutes 1st team football in the Belgium Premier league for KVC Westerlo, making my dubut against Standard Liege assisting a goal and now signing a contract for a further year, an unbelievable step forward from being a free agent.  Hopefully more players will see how the Evo International Academy programme’s can help them like it did me. 

                                                                           Jordan Mustoe – KVC Westerlo FC


“Having come through top academies growing up I understand opportunities are very limited for players outside academies, and how easy it is to give up hope. Evo football academy programme is a fantastic project for players outside professional academies to keep that belief, exceed their full potentials and open up possibilities of opportunities within the game while gaining a qualification.”

Scott Wooton – Leeds United FC


“Being a local lad this is fantastic for the area as there is a local hotbed of talent and very few opportunities, this can surely assist local lads to stay involved in football. It’s a great way of channeling the motivation to learn using football, seeing so many lads get released its also a great stopping point for players to try get back into the pro game.  I have worked close with Evo coach Bartek and I found his work fascinating.”

Max Power – Wigan Athletic FC


“I have come through professional football the tough way starting from the bottom and stepping up through every level, now playing league 2 and realising what can be achieved through hard work. With a programme like this in place for other young players who are in the same situation as I was this programme can guide these young players through every level of non league development to offer similar opportunities I had whilst also offering career enhancing options through education.”

Jamie Mcguire – Mansfield Town FC


“Evo football academy is a fantastic opportunity for any young people that are football motivated, being an ex player and seeing the change in football over the years its great to see organisations developing more opportunities for people to have careers in football, Just4Keepers will be working close with this programme and will be happy to support students with extra support, sponsorship and career opportunities along the way.”

Ray Newland– Ex Everton/Founder Just4Keepers


If you are interested in joining our academy please fill in the form below.

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